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What happens during countertop installation? Knowing the steps

The fact that homeowners are seeking to improve their exterior and interior areas and keep their gorgeous spaces is something that makes us happy. So if you’re looking for tips for maintaining your countertop or insights into how granite and marble are extracted, Our team is ready to give you essential information on making countertops. So let’s pull the curtains back in the day of reckoning: when our installers take countertops to their final place. It’s the next step of installing granite countertops — or, in reality, any of our countertop materials installation.

What is the process of installing stone countertops?

There are numerous factors to consider when shopping for and buying new countertops made of stone. First, we’ll notify you before the time to ensure you’re fully informed about the installation process. When installing stones, it’s generally recommended to hire an expert fabricator. Materials like granite, marble, quartz and other unique materials will fit well and be precisely designed to ensure no chance of mistakes. Finally, because of the arduous nature of Countertop installation in orlando, it is essential to have the right equipment and tools, as well as the knowledge and experience to succeed.

Learn how granite countertops are put in place by an expert and how it works. This may differ from the procedure for installing quartz and marble countertops. The process for installing countertops will be determined by the countertop material you select and your measurements of kitchen countertops.

Preparing for the event

Ask your bathroom or kitchen countertop installer if he can take away old countertops and cut off all electrical and plumbing fixtures connected to the bathroom or kitchen countertop in the purchasing or hiring procedure. Contrary to other contractors, Colonial Marble & Granite installers will handle everything that needs to be done, which means it’s not necessary to hire an outside contractor.

Suppose the removal of your countertop is required. First, clean the countertops of the appliances, such as coffee makers or soap pumps, décor, etc. Remember that you won’t be able to access your kitchen for many hours, and you’ll need to get rid of the things you will need during the day, such as silverware, plates, etc.

Create a path to the kitchen so countertop installers are easily accessible. We suggest that you keep pets and children away from the workspace. If you need a specialist in charge of the work, ensure the new faucets, sinks, and cooktops to be put in or on countertops are installed on site.


The length of time it takes to complete professionals to complete a granite or other stone installation will vary based on the scale and scope of the job, its design specifics, and the material. For instance, a countertop made of marble will typically require shorter than tile due to the intricate nature of the tile. The length of time the installer takes to complete the installation will depend on the complexity of the area, which includes accessibility, customized design features such as cutouts for cooktops and sinks, as well as countertop removal and disassembly. If you are installing natural stones like granite, you can anticipate that the contractors will be in your kitchen remodeling in orlando anywhere between four and eight hours.

Countertop Installation

There is a standard procedure for installing natural stone countertops. Slabs can be cut in advance or made on-site by skilled fabricators who can fit the pre-determined measurements. This can include forming custom edges and creating cutouts for cooktops and sinks mounted under the sink. No matter where the slabs were cut and prepared, when completed, they will be laid on the unfinished counters and then leveled and secured. A seam (where the two pieces of stone are joined together) is joined using epoxy, which mixes with the stone’s color. The joined region is smoothed to ensure that only a slim line appears. To ensure that the stone is secured to the cabinets attaching blocks is utilized.

Ensure the cabinets have been level and secure to the wall or ground. If they’re not level or uneven, shims could be put beneath the countertops to make sure they are level.

After Installation

After everything’s set and leveled, leveled, dried, and checked for quality control, the countertop installation is completed! Our countertop installers in kitchens will connect wires and fixtures. Keep in mind that other installers might need help connecting wiring, so it might be required to engage an electrician. The installer will review the maintenance and care instructions for your countertop. Granite differs from quartz and marble. Ensure you understand the usage and care steps you need to take.

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