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Top 5 Rum Distilleries in Cornwall

Rum has always been a popular drink and Cornish rum is no exception. There are a number of distilleries based in Cornwall that produce rum and the quality is impressive.

Mounts Bay Distillery

Mounts Bay Distillery is a small family run distillery overlooking Mounts Bay. Their passion for Cornwall and the sea has shaped their first rum, Keynvor, which is a beautiful pairing of Cornish honey with saffron and seaweed, built on a base of aged rum.

They also give 10% of their profits to plastic free seas charities.

Mounts Bay Distillery

Located in Cornwall, Mounts Bay Distillery overlooks Mounts Bay and is a family run distillery with a passion for the sea. Their rums are made using local Cornish honey, saffron and seaweed and they give 10% of their profits to plastic free seas charities.

Mounts Bay rum is a clear spirit that can be enjoyed neat or in a variety of cocktails. The complex flavours of the rum blend exquisitely into each recipe and it pairs well with food.


Mounts Bay Distillery’s ‘Keynvor’ honey spiced rum is inspired by the sea. This small-batch rum is distilled with a blend of three and five year old casked rums, paired with local Cornish honey, saffron and seaweed to create a smooth finish.

The distillery also donates 10% of its profits to plastic free seas charities. To find out more about the distillery and to place your order, head over to today! You can even win half a year’s supply of Keynvor in a competition with Cornwall Living!

Mounts Bay XO

Mount Gay XO is the oldest distillery in Barbados, founded in 1703 (and they have the paperwork to prove it). It’s a special Bajan rum that’s finally getting international recognition.

It is a blend of the finest spirits aged for eight to 15 years. It features notes of ripe banana and toasted almond followed by vanilla and spice.

It is distilled in copper pot stills and column stills before being aged in oak barrels. It is available in a variety of expressions including Eclipse, Black Barrel, and XO.

Mounts Bay Gold

The neo-industrial distillery of Samish Island ain’t your ordinary gin and tonic joint. Its water filtration system is a sight to behold, and the company has some of the best rum in town.

Mounts Bay is a name you’ll remember and its products are well worth a taste. Among the best is the top notch Mounts Bay Gold, which is made with molasses and water that’s been filtered through some natural coral. It also comes in a slew of flavoured versions, which is not to mention the many other products they make in their state of the art facility.

Mounts Bay Black Barrel

Mounts Bay Black Barrel is a new addition to the distillery’s line of rums. It is blended from a combination of double pot and column distillates that are aged for a period of time before being finished in heavily charred bourbon barrels.

This unique finishing process allows the rum to release spicy aromas that are balanced and bold. It also demonstrates Mount Gay’s ability to combine West Indies distilling practices with North American finishing techniques.

Mounts Bay Silver

A richly flavoured honey spiced rum from the distillery in Cornwall, this concoction features a cornucopia of ingredients including Cornish honey, saffron and seaweed. The name of this particular liqueur may be a mouthful, but it definitely lives up to its billing.

Besides its well-executed rums, Mounts Bay also makes a few other items in the glass bottle category. Among the many things you’ll learn about in this tour is the true origins of the cocktail known as rum punch, which is a refreshing blend of rum and simple syrup with lime juice and bitters.

Mounts Bay White

Mounts Bay White produces a range of spirits including a vodka, gin, bourbon and single-malt whiskey. Their tasting room is located in one of Marquette’s historic buildings and is open Tuesday through Friday from noon to 7 p.m.

The distillery’s most popular item is a limited release of the company’s XO rum, which is named after an iconic piece of Barbados history. The distillery also makes a rum bottle that references the type of barrel used to age it.

Mounts Bay Spiced

A sweet and savoury pairing of Cornish honey, saffron, seaweed and a selection of spices, built upon a base of aged rum. Featuring the Cornish word for ocean (keynvor), it’s a wonderfully rich and flavoursome spirit.

Mounts Bay’s Keynvor Honey Spiced Rum is a beautiful match for a G&T or an ice-cold pint of your favourite craft beer. It’s also a great way to support plastic free seas charities. Order yours direct from the distillery’s website and a tree will be planted and money donated to help remove rubbish from the ocean.



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