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Top 5 Dog Toy Inventions

When working on a Volkswagen bus, Markham would frequently leave Fritz by his side. One day, while tinkering with the bus’ suspension, he tossed a rubber part into Fritz’s lap. The rubber part bounced up and down like a ball, and was tough enough to serve as a dog toy invention ideas for your pet.

iFetch is an automatic ball launcher

This automatic ball launcher for dogs is a fantastic tool for any dog owner to have on hand. It is great for small to medium dogs and is controlled by gravity, so it doesn’t need a battery or power supply. It uses 3 random directions to throw the ball to keep your dog entertained. It also helps your dog stay active and in shape.

Automatic ball launchers are a great way to introduce fetching to your dog, and they’ll save you a lot of time and energy. This type of toy can also help you teach your dog to put the ball back into the launcher. The ball chute is large, so your dog won’t have a hard time dropping the ball back in.

Wicked Ball has intelligent play cycle

The Wicked Ball is an interactive toy that looks like a regular ball but vibrates and shakes to attract your pet’s attention. Its three vibration levels attract your pet’s attention and encourage them to play and investigate. The ball has three play modes to suit different temperaments, from gentle to energetic.

The Wicked Ball is designed to help your dog play in a safe and fun environment. The Wicked Ball’s obstacle avoidance system can help prevent the toy from getting stuck underneath raised furniture. It also shuts off for a short rest period after ten minutes of play, which can be reactivated by simply tapping it with your pet’s nose. If you have the right dog, the Wicked Ball can make a perfect companion, but it is not a substitute for a human babysitter.

CleverPet Console

The CleverPet Console inventions for dogs is a digital product that harnesses the power of puzzles and positive reinforcement. It features a series of games that encourage your dog to play by responding to commands such as “shake” and “sit.” The system can be updated automatically through Wi-fi. Your dog will have hours of fun playing this product.

The CleverPet is a WiFi-connected game console for dogs. It works in conjunction with your phone or tablet to let you monitor your pet’s progress reports. You can even connect the CleverPet to your dog’s doggie door to unlock it automatically. The CleverPet is a great way to give your dog endless hours of fun!

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Smiling teeth ball toy

The Smiling Teeth ball invention ideas for dogs has a fun design. Your pet will be thrilled to chase after this toy, even the laziest one. Its design is also fun to look at, and even the most gloomy pet owner will get a big smile from the look of their dog.

These toys are great for both you and your dog, and they are made of latex to be soft on your dog’s teeth. The material is soft enough for your dog to chew on but firm enough to bounce around on its own. They also provide good mental stimulation and reward. And they’re made of non-toxic materials, so you can be assured that your dog won’t swallow small parts.

Varram Fitness Robot

Using a high-tech design and patent-pending functionality, the VARRAM Fitness Robot dog toy provides a fun and effective way to exercise your dog or cat. It will monitor your pet’s activity and tell you which exercise routines need to be adjusted to boost their health and fitness. Its sensors measure your pet’s weight, age, and activity level, and will offer suggestions for making the most of your pet’s natural behavior.

A smartphone application lets you program the VARRAM Fitness Robot to follow your dog’s routines. The robot will respond to your pet’s movements and provide a variety of exercise options, including obstacle courses and treats. The app also lets you monitor the amount of time your dog spends playing with the toy. You can set up a schedule for how long it plays with your pet and when to give it a rest.

Kurgo’s Seatbelt Tether

Kurgo’s Seatbelt Tether for Dogs is an invention designed to keep dogs safely restrained in your vehicle. These harnesses clip onto your car seatbelt and have an additional tether attached. These harnesses make it easier for your dog to sit and stay in your car, while also helping keep your focus on the road.

The seatbelt tether dog harness comes with adjustable buckles that will allow you to adjust the length. The seatbelt tether reaches between 16 inches and 26 inches, and is designed to fit most vehicles. The seatbelt tether is compatible with most dog harnesses.



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