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Men’s Swim Trunks Buying Guide

Autumn is here, and the weather is getting cooler. But for those who love to swim, it’s not a problem when the weather turns cold. As long as you want to swim, you can go to the indoor heated swimming pool. As long as you have swimming skills and swimming equipment, you can swim. When it comes to swimming equipment, the first item must be a swimsuit, so how should men choose reliable swimming trunks ASOS discount Code NHS

Men’s Swimming Trunks

Style Choose Comfortable

Men’s swimming trunks are triangular, boxer, and five-point boxer. As for the style and color, of course, you can follow your own preferences. But it is not recommended to choose a boxer or five-point boxer if the figure is not super good. Swimming trunks are more suitable for men with a good figure.

Do not choose solid color swimming trunks

Pure-color swimming trunks will look a little awkward, such as pure white, which makes people feel strange when worn. Conservative people will be embarrassed to look at pure white swimming trunks sideways, thinking that they are too sexy and perverted.

Not too Fancy

Of course, you can’t choose too fancy swimming trunks. Just imagine a big man wearing a very fancy swimming trunks. As a result, many people in Sulian will stare at your swimming trunks. Let me ask you what it feels like. It doesn’t feel good to be stared at!

Not too Tight

From a professional point of view, tighter swimming trunks are conducive to swimming speed. Because the faster you swim, the greater the impact of the water, and the tight-fitting swimming trunks will be tied to the body and will not be easily washed away, but not too tight, or it will be uncomfortable.

Too wide and easy to fall off

If you are a friend who just started to learn swimming, or just pure swimming, not for the purpose of competition, you can choose looser swimming trunks. It will be very comfortable to wear this way, and it should not be too wide, or it will fall off

Have waist Measures

For waist waist measures, it is best to choose rubber bands and drawstrings together. The rubber band alone is not enough, I am afraid that the rubber band will be loose, and the drawstring alone is not safe. If it is exposed, it will be troublesome. It is better to have the rubber band and the drawstring together

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How to Draw Beach Swimming Trunks

How to draw beach swimming trunks? Many people like to go to the beach in summer. Wearing swimsuits and sunbathing is very comfortable. The following editor will introduce how to draw swimming trunks.


  • First draw the upper part of the swimming trunks
  • Continue to draw lines to outline the circle of the swimming trunks
  • Draw a small rectangle to connect
  • In the middle part, we draw 2 belts
  • Then we use our imagination and draw the patterns we like
  • Finally we paint and we’re done
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What are the advantages of five-point swimming trunks

There are all kinds of swimming trunks on the market, such as triangular, boxer, five-point, and nine-point. Is there a difference between these kinds of swimming trunks only in the aesthetics of the styles? There are still relatively many people buying boxer trunks on the market, so what are the advantages of five-point swimming trunks Matalan Discount Code NHS


  1. Five-point swimming trunks are typical competition swimming trunks. When shark swimming trunks were not banned before, Speedo’s shark swimming trunks were once popular all over the world. If you participate in swimming competitions, choose sharkskin racing trunks, five-point swimming trunks will be more conducive to swimming than boxer trunks, and its special structure-fast drainage (that is, excellent water resistance) can achieve faster competition in the water Fast forward momentum, and thus gain faster than wearing boxer trunks – even if it is a disparity of a few seconds – this is very important for players who want to win the championship, this is the difference between wearing five points and flat corners
  2. However, shark swimming trunks have been banned, so the difference between boxer and five-pointers seems to be small now. In regular games, there are even training briefs for competitions. The competition eventually returns to the strength of players rather than high-tech swimming trunks. Moreover, the world competition has stipulated that swimming trunks can only be worn up to the knee at most, that is, five-point swimming trunks, and cropped pants that reach the ankles cannot be worn.
  3. However, knee-length swimming trunks are generally competitive type, which are tighter and more close-fitting, so you may feel uncomfortable when you first wear them, and many people don’t want to wear boxers again after getting used to them.

Swimming trunks factory processing men’s / children’s swimming trunks swimming trunks process

Because many consumers have never been in contact with swimming trunks factories, do not know how swimming trunks are produced, and do not know how to choose materials when purchasing swimming trunks. Today I will introduce how a pair of swimming trunks is produced from raw materials to finished products with pictures and texts. Process:

one style design

Style design Each factory has its own designers, because the swimwear and swimming trunks industry is the peak season for domestic sales in summer, so our designers have inspected the market in the first few months, and designed styles that are popular this summer according to market conditions After the style is designed, the designer will work with our pattern designer to calculate various data, select materials, and make large-scale samples for this swimming trunks.


The mainstream and practical materials for swimming trunks are nylon, polyester, spandex, and modal

Nylon: It is called polypropylene fiber. Features: Good fluffiness. Swimming trunks made of this material have low density, good moisturizing performance, soft and crisp feel, light weight and high strength, light resistance, good chemical stability, no mold or moth, but not wear-resistant, good wrinkle resistance, and good elasticity The ex-factory price of the factory is about 10-20 yuan, and the retail price on the market should reach more than 45 yuan

Polyester: Also known as polyester fiber, it is characterized by: good elasticity, high strength, relatively wear-resistant, anti-wrinkle performance exceeds that of any fiber, good heat resistance, good chemical stability, not afraid of insects, but poor hygroscopicity.

Spandex: also called Lycra, is the most widely used elastic fiber in the world. It has good resilience and is not easy to deform. H and M Discount Code NHS 

Modal: Modal is a new type of environmentally friendly material recognized worldwide. Its production is carried out under the condition of no pollution to the environment. It has excellent green and environmental protection functions and is a pure natural fiber. Features: It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk, and the smoothness of hemp, and its water absorption and air permeability are better than cotton, and its color is good, and sometimes it will fluff



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