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How To Use Instagram To Market Your Squarespace E-Commerce Website

If you’re jogging a Squarespace e-trade Instagram enterprise, your biggest query will become, “How can I boom visitors to my website and get greater on-line income?”

Running a web keep is time-consuming, to mention the least.

So, if you’re critical approximately getting online income fast and efficiently, Instagram must be your go-to advertising platform. Click Here

Why Instagram Will Increase Online E-trade Sales

Instagram has 500 million users who test Instagram every day.

In other words, Instagram is one of the maximum popular social media platforms full of capacity consumers in your brand.

Plus, Instagram has a massive impact on how people buy. In one study, millennials stated that Insta influences as much as 74% in their buying choices.

Marketers are taking note of the way successful Insta is at driving sales.

In addition to all of those features, Squarespace has something else, something those other web sites do not: The agency has created a tool that permits groups to tag products from their Squarespace shop proper to Instagram.

The ability to attach tagged objects back to an internet site is a game changer. But if you’ve never tried to apply this feature, it’d appear a touch bit complicated.

Here’s the coolest news: It’s now not surely that hard. And after you get it set up, it’s extremely powerful.  In this blog put up, we’ll display you how to get the most out of integrating your Squarespace e-trade internet site along with your Instagram.

Here’s How to Connect Your Squarespace E-trade Store to Instagram

There are diverse methods that your Squarespace e-trade save can paintings together along with your Insta account.

Below we’ll teach you the way to link your bills, begin including product tags to objects on Instagram, and embed your Instagram feed proper into your Squarespace e-trade page.

Link Your Instagram and Squarespace Accounts

Squarespace allows customers to connect over thirty one-of-a-kind social media bills to their website online, and due to the fact that such a lot of human beings use Insta to find new merchandise (60% of users), connecting your Insta account is a selection with a view to repay in large ways.

To hyperlink your Instagram account for your Squarespace e-trade website online, you’ll want to comply with these steps:

  • Log out of all your Insta bills.
  • Go on your Squarespace domestic menu and click “settings.”
  • Once you’re in settings, click on “Connected Accounts.”
  • Next, click on “Connect Account.”
  • Select “Instagram” from the “Social Accounts” menu.
  • Use your Insta login statistics to connect.

How to Tag Your Squarespace E-commerce Products on Instagram

When you tag a product in a video, image, or tale on Instagram, you’re alerting customers that the item can be purchased. Shoppable posts display a bit buying bag icon inside the decrease left-hand nook of the photograph or video.

In a blog put up, Squarespace explains, “Shoppable posts provide Insta customers every other avenue to discover your logo and your products.

When you tag a product, customers can faucet the image to view product details and click on via to shop for it to your website online — all without leaving the app.”

When you create a shopping enjoy for users, you need to make the buying system as smooth as possible — so the shoppable tags that allow clients to go directly in your internet site are a large help.

Products may be introduced to each your posts and your Instagram Stories, giving you several options to connect to your e-commerce internet site.

To get began tagging, you’ll first need to confirm which you have the subsequent matters:

  • A Squarespace Commerce Basic Plan or an Advanced Plan
  • An updated model of the Instagram app
  • A non-public Instagram profile (you’ll switch again to a commercial enterprise profile later)
  • A Facebook Business Manager Account
  • A Facebook web page
  • A Squarespace e-commerce commercial enterprise that sells physical objects. At this time, you can’t tag digital gadgets or services on Instagram
  • Instagram’s approval of your shop

Once you have got all of the important objects, follow the directions underneath to begin tagging.

Step One: Convert to a Personal Instagram Profile

The first factor you want is a personal Instagram account. If your Instagram account is already a personal one, retain directly to step two. If now not, right here’s the way to switch it:

  • If you’re using a business profile, visit your Instagram app, swipe left, and select “settings.”
  • Next, Tap on “Account”, and at the bottom you’ll see “Switch Back to Personal Account.”

Be conscious that switching a business account to a non-public account will cause you to lose all analytic statistics for your Instagram business profile.

If you would like to down load a report of all of your interest on Insta, click on here to analyze extra.

Step Two: Connect Your Facebook Page

The next step is to feature your Facebook page to Facebook Business Manager:

  • Go to your Facebook Business Manager account and select “Business Settings.”
  • Next, select “Accounts” and then “Pages.”
  • Select “Add.”
  • Choose “Add a Page” to select your formerly current Facebook page.
  • Follow the prompts from Facebook Business Manager to finish the system.

Step Three: Convert Back to a Business Instagram Profile

After you add your Facebook page to Facebook Business Manager, you’ll need to interchange your Instagram private profile back to a commercial enterprise profile.

Why? You’ll be capable of connect your Insta account to the Facebook page you linked to Facebook Business Manager.

Still with us? It’s no longer as complicated as it sounds:

  • Return for your Instagram app, swipe left, and choose “Settings.”
  • Scroll down until you see “Switch to Business Profile.” Choose that option.
  • Continue thru the prompts until you spot “Connect to Facebook page.”
  • Tap “Choose page.”
  • Select the web page you previously related to Facebook Business Manager.
  • Tap “subsequent,” enter your phone quantity, and choose “completed.”

Step Four: Connect Instagram to Your Facebook Page

In this step, you’ll be adding your Instagram commercial enterprise profile to Facebook Business Manager:

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager and pick “Business Settings.”
  • Go to “Accounts” and pick out “Insta Accounts.”
  • Click “+Add.”
  • Fill in your Insta username and password.
  • “Skip” the set off to feature an account.
  • Click “Done.”

Step Five: Create a Product Catalog on Facebook

The next step is to create a catalog in Facebook Manager:

  • Log in to Facebook Business Manager.
  • Click at the three lines on the pinnacle left of the web page.
  • Select “Assets” and then click “Catalogs.”
  • Choose “Create Catalog.”
  • Click “Upload Product Info.” Do NOT select “Connect e-commerce Platform,” because this option won’t paintings.
  • Select “Catalog proprietor” and choose the Facebook web page with a view to show your catalog.
  • Under “Catalog name,” fill in a name of your preference.
  • Choose “Create.”
  • Next, choose “View Catalog.”
  • Click “Products” at the pinnacle of the web page.


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