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How to Deal With Shoe Grinding Feet?

For the freezing method, first prepare a plastic bag, fill it with water and seal it, put it in the shoes for grinding feet. Let’s talk about the application of nylon column shoes Amazon Discount Code NHS.

  1. Then put the shoes in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, freeze for one night, and wear them the next morning without grinding feet. .
  2. Heating method, use a hair dryer to turn on the hot air, and blow it on the place where the shoes are worn for a while, so that the feet will not be scratched.
  3. Liquor soaking method, take a little white wine and apply it to the place where the shoes are worn. The amount of liquor should ensure that the place where the shoes are worn is fully soaked.
  4. You can also prepare some more cloth strips, soak them fully and stuff them into the shoes. After they are done, leave the shoes for one night and wear them the next day.

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Introduction to knowledge points of column shoes and nylon column shoes

The nylon column insole bottom is selected to increase the bearing area of the bottom plate and improve the support strength.

Its carrying capacity is 1.8 times the working resistance of a single strut, which is higher than the industry standard.

The column shoe is d 280 mmsh09, the total thickness is 55mm, the diameter of the middle groove is 125mm, the depth is 15mm, and the bottom is 40mm thick.

Drill a hole with a diameter of 10mm at the neutral position of the vertical rib of the column shoe to tie the rope chain. 


  • Pillar shoes
  • nylon post shoes


  1. On-site arrangement of column shoes. Arranged along the working face, double-column shoes are used for end support, single-column shoes are used for other pillars, and 4 pieces are arranged in the case of large control roof.
  2. Observation records. Arrangements were made at the beginning of the trial, and a special person was responsible for the nylon column shoes to be tested.
  3. Each shift measured and recorded the columns with the MC nylon column shoes, including the initial support force, working resistance, and bottom drilling capacity.
  4. The sinking amount is 500px~1500px, which is significantly lower than the sinking amount of 1000px~2250px when the nylon column shoes are not used.
  5. Therefore, it can be said that the effect of the nylon column shoes is still relatively good. It effectively reduces the sinking of the single hydraulic column.
  6. quantity. Register by class, analyze the use of nylon shoes once a week, and accumulate first-hand information for the use and promotion of MC nylon column shoes.
  7. It can be seen from this that the maximum bearing capacity of the pillars of the trial column shoes is 32 MPa, the total damage of the column shoes is 31, and the trial column shoes are 1270 pieces, and the damage rate is 2.4%.
  8. After 2 months of trial, the monthly damage rate is 1.2% ( The monthly deformation and damage rate of iron shoes is above 60%).
  9. The sinking amount of the pillar is 500px~1500px, which is significantly lower than the sinking amount of 1000px~2250px when the nylon column shoes are not used.


Read the instruction manual carefully

How to turn yellowish white shoes

Small white shoes are not only good-looking but also versatile. They are a single item that both boys and girls need, but the better-looking things are, the less resistant they are to getting dirty Amazon Discount Code NHS.

They are still white when they go out, and they are already dirty when they come home, and more After wearing a few times, the white shoes will still turn yellow.

How can I make the white shoes white again? Let me teach you a few tips below. Check out foot locker discount code

  • toothpaste
  • rice water
  • vinegar
  • toilet paper


Do we usually use soap or washing powder to wash our shoes? We use toothpaste for brushing teeth to wash shoes.

It works very well. After cleaning the shoes, apply the toothpaste on the small white shoes and brush the shoes. If the stains are heavy, wash the shoes with toothpaste several times. Sports Direct Discount Code NHS 

Rice water

I have to say that rice-washing water is really useful. It has many uses for washing your face and watering flowers Amazon Discount Code NHS.

The key is to use rice-washing water to wash small white shoes, and it works very well! Put the cleaned white shoes on the rice washing machine. After soaking in water for a while, you will find that the white shoes turn white. 


Once the white shoes turn yellow, it will affect its beauty. How can we restore the yellowed white shoes to their original appearance Amazon Discount Code NHS?

After washing the shoes, wipe them with a small amount of vinegar, taking care not to rub the leather or fabric of the shoes. Your little white shoes are back, and you can try it with bleach.

Toilet paper

This is the last point. No matter how clean you wash your white shoes, they will still turn yellow if you don’t use the right method when drying them.

Every time after brushing the small white shoes, we have to stick the toilet paper on the wet shoe upper. If you have small white shoes, you can try this. Oh method! The effect is very good.



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