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How splendid are kraft boxes for packaging incenses

The best way to present a product in a store is in a box. This can be cardboard, paper, or plastic. But what if you want to give your customer the experience of opening something themselves? Kraft boxes are perfect for this! They come with two sides that slide open and fold down into each other when closed.  

What’s more, they line up with tissue paper that has been folded back so it looks like someone just finished wrapping them up-perfect for any gifting occasion. The kraft custom printed incense boxes have been around since the 1920s and offer many benefits beyond their attractive appearance; they’re also durable, recyclable, affordable (though not free), and customizable. 

The most common material for kraft boxes is paper with a thin brown, crinkled finish. 

Kraft paper is a type of paper that looks like traditional packaging material. It is easy to mass produce because it can be made cheaply. Kraft boxes are also made from plastic or cardboard- any product that can still hold something while being durable enough to fold up and slide open. These are more likely to find in bulk at craft stores for storing beads, buttons, and other small trinkets. They can paint, glue, embellish with laces and metal accents, or otherwise decorated. 

Shape and size of the boxes: 

Kraft boxes come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any household need; for storing small items like jewellery or spices; as gift boxes; as tea caddies or storage for crystals. They also design to hold incense safely so it doesn’t break apart inside of the packaging. Brands use it on a daily basis by food service professionals who package takeout orders. 

They are light-weight enough to carry with one hand. These boxes will hold a lot of items in them. They come in different colours, which can make your shop look different to customers. If you sell incense from a spa or yoga studio, it is best to choose brown colours for your box. If you sell incense from a metaphysical shop, black is the best colour if you want people to think your store is dark and mysterious. 

They are made of thick card stock made from recycled paper fibres. 

Kraft paper is so durable it’s commonly use it as part of shipping crates and moving boxes. Additionally, kraft papers are sturdy enough to reuse again simply by recycling them, so there’s no need to feel guilty about reusing any box that comes your way. Light-coloured kraft boxes work well if you’re selling incense from a lighter and airier, casual venue. 

These boxes are often used for retail packaging, food packaging, and shipping 

Kraft boxes are available in a variety of sizes. The smallest is usually about 4 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches—just the right size to hold one pack of 6-inch Japanese incense. Larger sizes are available if you have bigger or multiple packs to sell. 

The box design typically features top flaps that fold inside the bottom so your incense doesn’t fall out when you pick up the box. This makes it easy to display your incense without giving away its scent through open slits in the box. 

A kraft box shows off the natural raw materials of an incense stick. 

We all know that sticks have no manufacturing, they harvest, cut, dried and twisted into shape. When you buy a stick in a paper or plastic tube (or even some fancy metal boxes), it’s like buying fruit or vegetables vacuum-packed in plastic sleeves or Styrofoam trays with all their blemishes covered up with cooking oil spray. 

You can easily see what you’re getting when you buy your incense in an unadorned kraft box. It looks like the sticks were grown (instead of squeezed out like toothpaste). You can compare different fragrances by opening up several kraft packaging at once for closer inspection. 

Where to obtain your beautiful kraft boxes? 

If you have a company that you buy envelopes from for packaging, they will definitely be able to help you. Many places that make boxes can do it as well as a custom order for a small fee. It is worth it because the money spent on advertising is already wasted if your package does not look good. 

If you don’t already have a supplier or if your usual supplier can’t help, search on the internet. There are probably people on the internet who will make kraft boxes for the price of shipping. 

The kraft boxes will need to have sealing and decoration before usage: 

To keep the box secure, another box creates within the same size. The inside of this box has dividers to keep the incense sticks separated while they are not in use. The sticks should have a little space for movement so that they don’t touch each other while enclosed in the box. Tape all the sides together and place a sticker on it to finish off. 

Incense Packaging Boxes: 

Packaging incenses in cardboard boxes can provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers, as well as protect your incense sticks during transit. But you can only achieve the best out of the box with careful planning. 

To reduce the chances of your things can damage by the post, use boxes made from good quality kraft paper. These are sturdy enough to hold many rows of incense without breaking down on you. They also don’t tear off easily so there is less chance for your items to spill while they are going to send it. It is also water-resistant so incenses are safe from humidity. 

However, it may be difficult to find kraft boxes because they might not list them in their catalogues. To save you the trouble of looking for sellers who sell them, some companies sell them. You just need to contact them directly and request for custom-made items that will perfectly fit what you need. 

Customized and personalized boxes can give your product a distinct edge over others in the market. 

These special boxes can decorate with designs and logos. Papemelroti Incense, a company that specializes in packaging for incenses, makes kraft paper bags of their products. You can see how the boxes are made like art if you look closely at their products. 

This makes your company’s own brand stand out from other suppliers who sell the same type of items. Your boxes are not just functional, but they are also beautiful and impressive to look at. This box will make a lasting impression on your customers because it is made with quality materials. 


If you want to stand out from other sellers and manufacturers, then try showing your products in aesthetically appealing boxes. It can have a great way to attract clients since even the packaging itself is made with quality materials. 




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