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Everything You Need to Know about Loft Conversions

Do’s and Dont’s for loft conversions

Loft conversions are one of the most cost-efficient ways of enhancing your living space. They also increase the aesthetic value of your home and, in some cases, the real estate value. Compared to house extensions or buying a new home.

The loft conversion cost is very affordable. They are also less complicated, and some conversions require just a few fundamental changes. Loft space can enable you to create rooms according to your preferences and budget.

Do ensure that loft conversion creates sufficient space.

While most of the lofts can be converted, some may require additional changes, and some cannot provide sufficient space even after Loft Conversion in Romford. The last one will be a total waste of money, so you must be sure before starting any construction work whether your loft conversion will provide you with sufficient living space.

You can check this yourself or invite an expert. One thing you need to check is the headroom. For a comfortable living space, you should have at least 2.2m of headroom when measured from the floor joist to the ridge. We highly recommend calling a loft specialist and taking his advice.

Do decide the type of room you want to create in your loft

Before you even hire a loft conversion specialist or a construction company, you must decide what to do with the loft space once converted. Do you need an extra bedroom? or do you want to create a game room? Do you work from home and need a home office? Do you want the space for your children?

Depending on the type of conversion, you can create sufficient living space in your loft. For example, a Dormer Loft Conversion can give you sufficient room for creating a bedroom with an en suite bathroom. It is a good idea to look for different designs readily available on the internet. You must also consider other factors such as storage space, flooring, paint, insulation, etc.

Do check if your conversion falls under permitted development.

The UK government recently revised permitted development rights, making them more lenient and convenient for homeowners. Many loft conversions, therefore, do not require planning permission approval.

Loft Conversion Romford
Loft Conversion Romford

But there can be exceptions. If you live in a conservation area, the rules will change. Listed houses, flats, and marionettes will also need planning permission approval.

DO check building regulations

From Loft Conversion Romford to anywhere in the United Kingdom, you will need approval from the building control department for every type of loft conversion. These regulations cover fire safety, electrical installations, insulation, construction, plumbing installations, and others.

Apart from complying with these regulations, you may also need to sign a party wall agreement. These regulations should not bother you much because you can easily find an architect to deal with all these regulations and requirements. Compliance with building regulations will ensure that you get your building completion certificate.

Don’t take just a single quote

You will find many construction companies and contractors offering their services for loft conversions. However, it will only be prudent to take at least two to three quotes from renowned companies and do a comparative analysis.

The cost should not be the only factor when you decide to hire someone. Compare the quotes with the services these companies are willing to offer. We also recommend hiring certified and registered professionals with relevant institutions such as the CIOB (Chartered Institute of the building) and the FMB( Federation of Master Builders ).

Don’t forget to create a contingency budget

Dormer Loft Conversion is considerably cheaper than house extensions and new homes, but the cost is not negligible. You can expect to incur £45,000, at least. It is always wise to keep aside a fund whenever you plan to carry out a significant construction activity.

As a rule of thumb, you should have a contingency fund valuing 10% of the total cost or more. This way, you can deal with any last-minute changes or surprises.

DO get the best right lighting

Lighting makes a significant difference to the way your loft looks and feels. Whether you want to install double or skylight windows, it is best to consider their position. Natural light makes the loft look bright and spacious. Skylights above your beds allow you to enjoy the night sky, a treat for the eyes.



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