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DrChrono Review: The Best App for On-the-Go Doctor Visits

DrChrono is a company that provides software and billing services for the medical field. They also provide Web-based and cloud-based applications. Its offerings include a patient portal, electronic health record, and telemedicine capabilities. These apps help physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers keep track of patients and manage their medical records in real-time.

OnPatient Personal Health Record

Dr. Chrono’s OnPatient Personal Health Record has several features to help providers keep track of patients’ health. For instance, it has a Tasks list that allows users to quickly create new tasks. To create a new task, providers can use the Plus button at the top of each screen. There is also an Incoming Messages screen, which allows users to access incoming communications, such as lab results and prescription requests.

In addition to enabling electronic health records, the new version of OnPatient enables secure messaging and online scheduling. This empowers patients to take an active role in managing their own health records. Additionally, OnPatient allows patients to send and receive messages with their providers, view their chart, and share health information with other members of staff.


With DrChrono EHR, you can easily manage your patients and schedule appointments from your iPad or iPhone. You can also resend appointment reminders and push notifications, and create and send lab orders. You can also sign consent forms, as well. You can even take screenshots of patient information.

DrChrono’s Telehealth system is HIPAA-compliant. Its HIPAA-compliant software lets you schedule virtual visits from your EHR and send automated emails to patients. You don’t have to install any extra software to use this platform, and you can even schedule virtual visits in advance, so you can schedule them as needed.

Medical billing

DrChrono EHR medical billing software is a comprehensive solution for multi-specialty practices. It offers an intuitive user interface and allows for fast onboarding of staff. Its secure platform ensures adherence to health care regulations, including HIPAA. Its expert billing team helps reduce costs by collecting more revenue.

DrChrono EHR medical billing software allows medical practices to manage revenue cycles, while minimizing human errors. It also scrubs and adjusts claims for accuracy. Its features make it easy to manage revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance bottom line.

Cloud-based platform

DrChrono EHR is a cloud-based platform for electronic health records, medical billing, practice management, and revenue cycle management. It is also the first cloud-based EHR platform that supports FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs. This API enables researchers to access patient data with patient consent.

DrChrono EHR also includes a billing dashboard that allows practice managers to view their billing performance and analyze patient claims. The platform has an integrated billing service that reduces the risk of errors and delays in payment, which is vital to healthcare. The billing service is fully integrated with the DrChrono EHR, meaning billing and patient information are automatically passed between systems. This also reduces human error, which is another benefit.

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Pricing for DrChrono EHR can be as flexible as the practice you run. This integrated software system includes EMR, billing, and customer engagement modules. Its Revenue Cycle Management feature helps you manage patients’ care and income. You can customize the software to meet your unique needs.

In addition to the EHR itself, DrChrono also offers data migration, custom template building, training, and maintenance. You’ll get a customized implementation package that includes one-on-one support and a one-hour starting call. While DrChrono EHR is not cheap, it’s still one of the top-rated EHR solutions available for private practices.



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