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Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards

Coronavirus apps and dashboards can help you monitor the disease and keep track of outbreaks around the world. For example, you can view the infection rates of different countries and the number of deaths caused by the virus. By staying updated on current outbreaks, you can avoid the risk of contracting the disease. You can also see a map of the number of people affected in a particular city. There are also applications that provide information on seizure activity.

pnp coda

The pnp coda dashboard and apps allow healthcare providers to view disease data and information in a user-friendly interface. Using an interactive map and data visualization tool, they can see disease prevalence, vaccination coverage, and patient histories. Data can be input into the application via computers or mobile devices. Users can also enter patient data using a template. The dashboard and apps are only available to users with a Covid account.

The PNP CODA data portal provides easy access to information and statistics related to COVID-19 vaccination. It also provides important health information that can help the public stay healthy. This data portal also allows PNP personnel and civilians to register so that they can receive information and alerts. The data portal has seen an increase in access traffic during recent national vaccinations. Additionally, the COVID-19 Gov PK mobile application allows users to record symptoms of the virus and share these with others.

Zoho Analytics

The Zoho Analytics platform provides powerful analytics tools. It is a cloud-based suite of business software that includes a unified data model, user interface, and administration system. With the latest release, the company has added artificial intelligence and cross-functional workflow to its suite. In addition, the company has integrated Blueprint workflow automation technology across its suite of products, enabling organizations to automate end-to-end workflows.

Zoho Analytics is an integrated analytics platform that lets you create data visualizations in a variety of formats. It can also pull data from other external applications. By selecting the data sources you wish to integrate with, Zoho Analytics will automatically create a workspace for your reports and dashboards.

MIT Covid Apps

The MIT Coronavirus app and dashboards offer a variety of options for administrators and community members to manage campus access. Administrators can choose from a number of features, such as managing community members’ access, creating an account type, and setting a password. Community members can also create a Covid Pass account to access campus buildings. The Covid Access application is available as a mobile app and web application.

While there are many apps and dashboards that show how coronavirus has affected regions around the world, one in particular stands out. Using red and white color scheme to display disease statistics, this interactive dashboard presents a near real-time picture of coronavirus’s global reach. It also displays information on the number of confirmed cases and other statistics, as well as links to resources and tips to protect yourself from infection.

Opendatasoft Apps

The Opendatasoft platform provides a data-driven environment to share and analyse data, both publicly and privately. The open-source front-end makes it easy for both technical and non-expert users to make analyses and visualisations of public data. The platform is currently used by organisations in more than 20 countries and serves more than 300 clients.

The open data portal of the city of Vancouver in Canada is an example of an Opendatasoft application. The application provides users with access to a large variety of public data and enables them to create personalised visualisations. In addition, data can be shared and exported in various formats. The system also provides an extensive collection of data categories and datasets.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is using big data visualization tools to track the spread of the coronavirus. Its COVID-19 Dashboard will help students, faculty and staff monitor the situation and inform campus operations. The university works with health officials in the local area to keep track of the virus’s presence and spread. The campus is anticipating a spike in positive cases around the time classes begin.

While the CDC is currently piloting the application in South Africa, it is ready for use in all countries once it is finalized. It leverages massive data sets to make decisions and it can be easily translated into national languages. Its pictorial nature ensures that people of all literacy levels can access critical information



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