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Bio-Based Polymers Market Report 2022-2031, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

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What are bio polymers?

The bio based polymers are the organic substances which are present in the natural sources. Biopolymer comprises of two words which are bio and polymers, depicting nature and the living organisms. Additionally, the biopolymers are large macromolecules made up of the innumerable repeating units. The biopolymers are the result of the efforts to reduce the environmental impact and the dependence on the fossil fuel.

What are the needs and sources for biopolymers?

The bio polymers are best where biodegradable and sustainable solutions are needed. The utilization of chemical-based and synthetic polymers in the medical and food industries has various environmental concerns. There is an escalated environmental awareness, efforts on controlling pollutants, and municipal solid waste disposal. If you are using biopolymers then it minimizes carbon di oxide emissions, reliance on petroleum based resources, and municipal solid waste. The life cycle assessment of numerous biopolymers over the synthetic biopolymers possess enormous advantages over the petroleum based polymers by means of their cost effectiveness.

The sources of biopolymers are animals, plants, agricultural wastes, and micro-organisms. Plant sources are maize, rice, sorghum, wheat, cassava, banana, potatoes, cotton, barley, and corn. Apart from this, castles are also the most common sources, while sponges, fish, corals, lobsters, and shrimp are few examples of marine sources. The most common micro biological sources are algae, yeasts, and fungus. Agro left overs, crops, green wastes, wood waste, and green waste are some carbohydrate rich biomass based sources. Other than this, the triglycerides are d=found in the vegetable oils, such as soybean, sunflower, jojoba castor, and meadow foam oil.

What are the medical applications of bio polymers?

Below is table of few biopolymers and their medical applications: –

BiopolymersMedical ApplicationsCollagenSurface coating for tissue culture platesFibrinBlood clotting, wound healing, surgical glueAgaroseKidney and skeletal tissue regenerationSilk fibroinTreatment of woundAlginateRegenerative medicineHyaluronic acidLubrication and treatment of damaged jointsCarrageenanSkeletal tissues regeneration

What are the applications of biopolymers in food industry?

BiopolymersPropertiesApplicationsCarboxymethyl-celluloseCoating and emulsifying agentConfectionary and salad dressingPectinsadhesiveGlazes and icingStarchStabilizerIce cream and salad dressingPullulanFilm formationProtective coatingGaur gumThickening agentJams, pie fillings, and syrupsAgarSwelling agentProcessed meat productsGellanInhibitorsFrozen foods and sugar syrups

Market analysis and growth driving factors: –

The global biopolymer market size was approximately USD 13.7 billion in the year 2021 and it is expected to reach around USD 36 billion by the year 2030. The favorable government rules and policies for the bio polymers are expected foster the bio based polymer market. Additionally, bio polymers have large number of application in various sectors, which is also a reason behind the promising growth of the market.

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In a nutshell,

It can be witnessed that bio based polymer market is growing significantly. This market also holds remarkable opportunities of profit in the future. If you are also willing to invest in the bio based polymer market, then it is well advised to go through the research report. The team of Research Nester has meticulously prepared a research report incorporating imperative parameters of the market. The research report consists of growth factors, market constraints, regional synopsis, key market players, revenue, and latest news of the market. The exhaustive study of these parameters will help you out in making a sound decision.

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